Empowering A Fairer Health Benefits Ecosystem
We Provide A Holistic And Cost-Effective Solution For Employers To Manage Their Employees' Health Benefits

MeDKAD Web Application

MeDKAD’s Web Application is user-friendly and accessible with unique features for employees and Human Resource administrators respectively. Its transparency enables employers to customise and deploy a fairer health benefits package for their employees.

The MeDKAD Dashboard

MeDKAD’s Health Benefits Administration System comes with a user-friendly dashboard to help Human Resource administrators to manage all information related to employees’ health benefits utilisation.

Fund Utilisation

Keep track of utilisation of health benefits budget by employees in real-time. Automated monitoring of employees’ respective allocation further assists employers in avoiding budget over-draws.

Orders Summary

All information related to employees’ visits to MeDKAD panel clinics are available in the system. This enables employers to analyse the related data for various purposes including to improve their existing or future health enrichment programmes.

Employees’ Records & Family Members List

MeDKAD not only tracks each employee’s health benefits activities but his/her registered family members as well, to ensure that no one is left behind.

MeDKAD Mobile Application

MeDKAD’s Mobile Application enables fast and easy registration by employees at MeDKAD’s growing network of medical facilities.


Order Details

Family List


Mobile App

Electronic Guarantee Letter

MeDKAD Mobile App is available on Android and iOS.


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