Frequently Asked Questions


What is MeDKAD?

MeDKAD is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) or Managed Care Organization (MCO) where we help Clients to manage their employees’ medical benefits digitally through our system. We are the first leading company that introduced this services via MeDKAD’s desktop and mobile apps. The system is user-friendly, fast, safe and transparent with a self-funding concept.

Why choose MeDKAD?

MeDKAD can help you to save costs by offering the service that suits your budget. (For further details, please contact our Sales Team)

What are the differences/value-add of MeDKAD compared to other TPAs?

MeDKAD is a leading company in health benefits management systems. We launched our service via desktop & mobile apps to our clients and users. Our system removes the need for physical cards and printed Guarantee Letters as our e-GLs are available for specialist/in-patient treatments at hospitals.

No Deposit, No Hidden Charges and Pay-Per-Use Concept (Top-up/Self Funding) and Hassle-Free. (For further details, please contact our Sales Team)

For Employers

What is the minimum numbers of employees to sign up with MeDKAD?

We do not restrict the number of employees and it is open to all employers from start-ups, micro-enterprises, SMEs and corporate clients.

How will HR be notified when their employees go to clinics/hospital?

When the QR code is generated and linked to the system, HR will receive notifications through the registered email.

Are employers allowed to add, suspend or terminate users?

Yes, but only the authorized person (admin users) are able to add, suspend or terminate any user. You may call our contact centre/email us for immediate assistance in the event the HR person has limited access or is “Off-Duty”.

Who can access the admin portal?

Usually, the admin ID will be given to the relevant HR personnel with a maximum of two (2) people per company. You may request for additional access if so needed.

Does HR need to inform MeDKAD if they need to add, suspend or terminate any user by themselves?

Not necessary as such changes will be updated into the system automatically. You may call our contact centre/email us for immediate assistance in the event the HR person has limited access or is “Off-Duty”.

Are companies allowed to add or terminate any panel clinics when needed?

Yes, kindly call our contact centre or email us for assistance.

How to generate a report from the MeDKAD portal?

Admin users can click to Report to download.

How long does it take before we can download the report?

You can generate the report after being granted “Order Approval” by MeDKAD’s system admin (typically within 24 hours).

How long are reports kept in MeDKAD's system?

Maximum of 7 years.

Can reports be customized?

You may request for customization on an ad-hoc basis. Kindly contact our Support Team with details of your request.

Does MeDKAD conduct user training upon employers signing up to their services?

Yes, once you have submitted the complete forms, we will set an appointment for our Trainers to come and brief your employees on how to use our services.

Will subsequent re-training be provided should there be any changes in the HR personnel involved?

Certainly, you may choose to have the subsequent training by phone or at your premise.

What if the clinic system is down, how can HR receive notifications of clinic visits by their employees?

Our panel clinics require the QR Codes to create orders prior to employees getting treatment. In the event the system is down at the clinic, their staff will call our Contact Centre for assistance to generate the QR Code by the System admin. This will trigger notifications to the relevant HR personnel via the registered email as per the usual process.

For Employees

Can you briefly tell me how to use MeDKAD?

Just present your Identity Card and the QR Code from the MeDKAD mobile app at the clinic/hospital counter for registration.

How can I use MeDKAD when my handphone is out of battery?

Just present your Identity Card at the clinic/hospital counter and they will assist you accordingly.

How do I check my account balance?

From the MeDKAD mobile app, click Entitlement Info and the system will show your current balance.

How do I know what type of coverage I am entitled to?

From the MeDKAD mobile app, click Entitlement Info and the system will show your coverage entitlement which is subject to your company’s health benefits policy.

Fees & Charges

How to save cost with MeDKAD?

MeDKAD has introduced a unique transparent concept which allows company management and the relevant HR personnel to monitor their employees’ medical activities in real-time. This empowers our clients to better manage their employees’ medical budget and reduce fraudulent claims.

Do we need to pay any deposit with MeDKAD?

No Deposit, No Hidden Charges and we are using Pay-Per-Use Concept.

What happens to my funds if we do not fully utilize the budget within the contract period?

There are two (2) options:-

1) Request amount to be refunded. Kindly submit your request via the registered email and we shall process the refund within five (5) working days after receipt of such request.


2) Request amount to be carried forward for next year’s usage. MeDKAD will contact the client for further discussion if required.


What is the MeDKAD Hotline number?

03-8408 1388/03-5523 9313.

Our Contact Centre operates 24 hours/day.

Does MeDKAD have a back up system if your Contact Centre system is down?

Yes, our back-up system team is located in Cyberjaya.